I’m being bullied at school

I'm being bullied at school

You are not the only one.

We talk to a lot of teens who dread going to school or other activities because of bullying. What they tell us is that it's mainly subtle intimidation, meanness and rumour-spreading that's making them feel terrible. Sometimes it's hard to even know if it can be called bullying.

Many of the kids and teens who tell us about their experiences with bullying tell us that:

  • Things are mainly OK in class, but in the hallways they feel nervous
  • They have trouble concentrating in class
  • They're sometimes afraid to check Facebook or texts
  • They get stomach aches or can't eat from nervousness
  • They get frustrated and mad at home more than they used to
  • That even though they told someone, they still feel so alone and helpless
  • They feel bad, sad and embarrassed a lot of the time
  • They've thought about suicide

If this sounds like you, you're not alone and you're not making it up. We talk to lots of teens who feel the same way you do.

What you tell us is kept private unless you or someone else is in serious danger. Otherwise, we won't call your parents, and we won't call your school.

We will help you figure things out so it can get easier for you.

If you're ready to talk, we're here to listen.

Call us at 604.988.5281and ask to speak to Vicki or text us at 778.887.6487