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“Eating disorders among males are more prevalent than most people would suspect.  Close to two million American males may suffer from eating disorders and hundreds of thousands more without a diagnosable eating disorder exhibit obsessions with food, weight, appearance, and/or exercise.


Despite growing awareness over the past decade that males are affected by eating disorders, the issue of males and eating disorders still receives little attention, and far too many males with eating disorders go undiagnosed and untreated.


N.A.M.E.D.'s mission is to provide support to males with eating disorders and their families, to make the public more aware of the issue, and to be a resource of information on the subject. “


This site has a significant Prevention Page


Levels of Prevention

Level 1: Be a Good Role Model

Level 2: Primary Prevention

Level 3: Secondary Prevention

Warning on Conducting Prevention Programs

Critical Need for Prevention Programs in Schools

Tips for Parents in Preventing Eating Disorders in Their Children

Tips for Helping Prevent Eating Disorders in Males


Other resource pages on this site include:


Body Image & Males


Risk Factors

The impact of the media is covered on this page.

News Section


The site also presents a number of recent articles and posts related to eating disorders and boys/men. Articles include:


Today's Men Struggle with Eating Disorder Behaviors - Posted 2/23/2010

Fat is NOT JUST a Feminist Issue, Anymore! - Posted 10/31/2008



Boys, men, their families, health professionals.





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