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March 2010

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For the past 20 years, Concerned Children’s Advertisers (CCA) has been delivering social marketing campaigns to help Canadian kids deal with the challenges they face. The organization recently unveiled their latest initiative — the launch of a new media literacy campaign, designed to encourage kids to think critically about the messages they receive from all media and make informed, healthy choices. Featuring a PSA (English and French) and a new online education component, the campaign will run throughout the year across the country.


Long Live Kids



This site is all about helping your child/students to make healthier choices when faced with compelling messages from the media. Long Live Kids (LLK) is a three phased initiative from Concerned Children’s Advertisers, a non-profit organization dedicated to producing public education messages and complimentary education materials on issues of challenge in children’s lives. LLK encourages Canadian children and their families to eat smart, move more and be media wise. The areas each phase addresses include:

  • Phase I: Healthier eating
  • Phase II: Increased physical activity; and
  • Phase III: Improved media literacy.

Each phase of the LLK message is delivered through two powerful vehicles:  

  1. A series of child-directed public service messages; and
  2. An education program delivered to educators, parents and community leaders across Canada.

LLK is a one-of-a-kind, Canadian collaboration that brings together industry, issue experts and government to provide Canadian children and their families with the tools to live healthy, active lives.


Parent & Community Resources



As parents, you have great influence on your child's outlook and well-being. The Long Live Kids (LLK) social marketing and education program has been designed to support you in encouraging your child’s healthy development through:  

  • Fostering self-esteem;
  • Establishing healthy life-coping skills;
  • Building a healthy, active lifestyle; and
  • Developing media literacy skills.


Tips for Parents and Caregivers


   Parent Tips 1-3: Help Children Be Media And Life Wise (473.4 KB)

   1) Parent Tips, Media Literacy  (286.8 KB)

   2) Parent Tips, Self Esteem (127 KB)

   3) Parent Tips, Healthy Future (149.8 KB)





Long Live Kids (LLK) takes the complex issue of childhood overweight and obesity and works to find kid-friendly solutions through helping children understand that a healthy lifestyle comes when you eat smart, move more and be media wise. With a comprehensive curriculum for children in kindergarten to grade 8 that adheres to existing curriculum guidelines, teachers can blend LLK seamlessly into their classroom days while meeting provincial requirements. 


Resource sections on this page include:

  • Healthy Active Living
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Media Literacy
  • Self Esteem


Lesson Plans (requires site login)



  • Module One - Learning About the Media
  • Module Two - Improving Self-Confidence
  • Module Three - Planning for the Future



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Author Affiliations

Partners on both CCA’s educational programs include:

  • The Canadian Teachers' Federation;
  • The Canadian Association of Principals;
  • Canadian Home and School Federation; and
  • Kids Help Phone.