Safer Places for Children and Youth

We created our Safer Places for Children and Youth program a few years ago when it became clear to us that we needed and wanted to do more to prevent the sexual abuse, sexual assault, and bullying of children and youth in our community. We know this is a significant problem on the North Shore. Statistics confirm that 30% of girls and 25% of boys will be a victim of one or more of these types of trauma in their early years. The multi-generational cost is staggering. Untreated children and adolescents are more likely to become perpetrators of these types of abuses, creating a cycle of abuse that impacts generations. The lifetime cost of treating long term mental health disorders (psychiatric care, medications, counseling), physical problems (alcoholism, eating disorders, obesity), and societal impacts (unemployment, disability claims, Ministry involvement) is exponentially eliminated when we prevent the trauma from occurring, or intervene close in time to when the traumatic event occurred.


Our Safer Places for Children and Youth Program is designed to do three things.

  1. Prevent the sexual abuse, sexual assault, and/or bullying of children and adolescents through an innovative partnership with Safeteen International. Our counsellors attend the Safeteen school based workshops to let children and adolescents know that we are a place to go for help if they have been or are currently being abused.
  2. Help children, adolescents, and their families recover and heal from the traumatic effects of these traumas if they have already occurred. Our specialized counsellors work with children age 3-19 to reduce the shame, guilt, anxiety and other symptoms that are caused by a traumatic event(s).
  3. Create a social safety net of teachers, school counsellors, parents, and community members who can respond effectively when they receive a disclosure from a traumatized child or adolescent.

Here are the ways that we can work together to keep our Children and Youth Safe:

  1. Book a Safeteen School Based presentation in your school – call Kossar at Safeteen (604- 255-5147)
  2. Invite us to meet with the parents in your PAC and learn new ways to protect your children. (contact Val @ 604-988-5281)
  3. Refer a child or youth who has been sexually abuse, sexually assaulted, or bullied to our Specialized Counselling Services.
  4. Invite us into your organization to talk about ways to keep children and youth safe, accept disclosures from children/youth, and learn about important resources in your community.