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We are Committed to our Volunteers

Volunteers have a direct and lasting impact on the community we all love. Our mission is to facilitate strong, caring and meaningful connections between people throughout the North Shore and we would be unable to fulfill this mission without our volunteers.

Our volunteer opportunities are diverse, extensive and flexible. We work with each volunteer to find a role that suits individual schedules, preferences and goals. Our team includes volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, all of whom are making a deep and lasting impact on the North Shore. We welcome and encourage individual, group and corporate volunteers and we are grateful to all who wish to help us make a difference in the community.
Volunteering keeps me connected. I get to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and Family Services plays a valuable role in the community.– Family Services of the North Shore volunteer

Caring Connections

We believe that strong, caring connections make our community safer and healthier for everyone. At some point in life, we all need someone to lean on and our volunteers build trusting, connected relationships across the community, so people feel comfortable asking for help when they need it.
Operating out of our Community Hub at Capilano Mall, our volunteers support our community outreach programs by sorting donations, delivering meals and groceries, helping to run our clothing shop, making caring calls and more. Caring Connections programs run year round.

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Christmas Bureau

Every winter the Christmas Bureau aims to ensure all of our neighbours can celebrate the holidays. The Christmas Bureau brightens the season for individuals and families – and every year we need more support.
There is no job too big or too small to make a direct impact for those struggling during this season. Volunteers helping in this area come back year after year to truly feel the spirit of the holidays and give back to the community we love. We welcome and encourage volunteers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Program runs September through January.

If you or your family would like to receive support from the Christmas Bureau, you can learn more here.

If you would like to donate to the Christmas Bureau, learn more here

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Thrive Family Programs

We believe strong, caring families are the foundation of our community. Thrive Family Centres offer free drop-in programs where families can play, learn and connect. If you would like to support local parents and caregivers of children aged 0-6 years, we would love to welcome you as a Thrive volunteer.

We are always in need of volunteers for our Thrive Family Centres at Maplewood and the West Vancouver Community Centre supporting in roles including food prep and service, program support and more. Program runs September through June in West Vancouver and year round at Maplewood.

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Seniors and Caregivers Connect

Seniors and caregivers play a vital role in our families and our community. As our North Shore community ages, more people need help to navigate loneliness, grief, chronic health issues and the challenges of caring for friends and loved ones.
As a volunteer, you will help to ensure everyone has someone to talk to – and a helping hand when they need it most. Volunteer roles include weekly supportive phone calls, porch visits and walking companionship.
Prior to volunteering in this program, you will receive training in communication, personal boundaries, active listening, self-care, and other topics.

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Fundraising and Community Event Support

Fundraising events enable us to respond to the needs of our most vulnerable and our volunteers ensure they happen. Led by a dedicated volunteer committee and supported by event day volunteers, the funds raised by these fun-filled events facilitate strong and caring connections across the community. Community event volunteers act as Agency Ambassadors, helping to educate the community about our programs and services.

Volunteer opportunities include: event set-up, registration, silent auction support, committee meetings and responsibilities and more.

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Board of Directors

Our volunteer Board members are active participants at Family Services of the North Shore. Our Agency Board of Directors act in a position of trust for the community and are responsible for the effective governance of the Agency. If you’d like to learn more about our Foundation and Agency boards, please contact us directly.

The Agency Board consists of the following positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Directors.

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Volunteers are always welcome

If you’re not sure which volunteer opportunity is the best fit for your skills, experience, and availability, we can help.

Contact our Volunteer team at 604-988-5281 or Get in Touch
To give of yourself willingly, without expectation, is self-enriching. The joy you feel when you can positively affect someone’s life, and just working with like-minded people who are full of joy and passion is totally uplifting.– Family Services of the North Shore volunteer