I hope family centre

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  • You and your child can play together.                                 
  • You can meet other families.
  • You can participate in activities that will help you grow and develop together.
  • You can get to know trained professionals who can help you support and encourage your child and offer research-based resources on parenting and child development.                                                                       

Welcome to the I hope family centre, a community hub that provides programs and services to promote wellness and the optimal development of children birth to age six.

I hope family centre recognizes that all families need resources and support regardless of economic or social circumstances and believes that diversity in the community enriches child development.

The early years from birth to six provide a “window of opportunity” for early brain development. Through play and validating responses from a parent/caregiver, children receive nurturing and stimulation that can have a lasting effect on their physical, emotional and intellectual development.

I hope family centre programs

I hope family centre resources

  •        Infant Development Consultant
  •        Speech Language Pathologist
  •        Nutritionist
  •        Community Health Nurse
  •        Dental Hygienist
  •        North Van City & District Libraries
  •        Bilingual Staff (Farsi/English)

I hope family centre information package, brochure and June 2019 and July/August and September 2019 schedule

399 Seymour River Place adjacent to Maplewood Farm

The I hope family centre is a member of the BC Association of Family Resource Programs and has successfully completed the FRP Provincial Standards of Practice.  



There is no fee thanks to our generous sponsors and donors. Donations are very much appreciated.


Staff are trained in early childhood development, experienced, competent and committed to working with parents, caregivers and young children.

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