Sand Play Therapy

When life presents children or adults with social and emotional experiences that are overwhelming or difficult to understand, the feeling of being able to cope can become lost in counterproductive behaviours and the depression, anxiety or disappointments sometimes hidden underneath. It is the therapist’s job to help clients of any age work through these struggles and free them to live the life they want.

Sandplay therapy offers clients of all ages a way to express themselves through play. In the sandplay room we have an assortment of figures on shelves, a sandtray at table height, and water close by. Using these materials to create a picture in any way they choose, in the free and protected space the therapist provides, clients over time can sort out their problems. Sandplay is used in conjunction with talk therapy. The images in the sand help the therapist understand the client’s emotional experiences and how the difficulties might be worked through together.

In sandplay with children, regular consultations are arranged with the therapist and are scheduled outside of the child’s own therapy time. It is important that parents understand the child’s relationship with the therapist is therapeutic and cannot replace the relationship with parents. The parents’ attitude to therapy matters to the child, and progress moves more easily when parents support therapy and withhold expectations or questioning of the child’s experience in the playroom.

Parents are encouraged to bring their child regularly, since consistency in attending sessions plays an essential part in developing the safe, trusting child-therapist relationship. Sessions are 40 minutes to allow the therapist time for reorganizing the space for the next session, taking photographs of the sandplay, and writing notes to the client’s file.

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