Children Living in the Midst of Relationship Violence & Abuse

This program offers counselling for children & adolescents coping with the stress and fear of watching a parent’s violent and abusive behavior.

We believe that children living in the midst of violence have worries and fears as a result of the abuse they have seen and felt in their home. These often turn into anxiety, depression, aggression, sleep disturbances, school problems, and others. Children learn quickly to hide these worries and fears in order to maintain their own physical and emotional safety.

The goal of this time limited service (3-6 months on average) is to provide a safe place for children to share their experiences through direct (talking) and indirect (expressing through art & play) means. We believe that allowing children to express their experiences helps them feel better, reduces negative symptoms, and lessens acting out behaviors.

A significant part of the work will include sessions with the non-abusive parent to help her understand the effects of abuse and to strategize how she might help the child cope when violence occurs in the home, during visitation, etc.

All children under age 19 are eligible for the program.

There is no cost for this program due to the support of our funders and donors.

Services are provided by Family Support Workers and Family Therapists who are trained to work with children and adolescents who are impacted by violence.

To Register/For More Information
Call the FSNS Intake Counsellor at 604-988-5281, ext. 226.