We offer support services for parents who are looking for guidance and practical assistance in order to more effectively parent their children. We believe that reaching out for help when the job of parenting becomes overwhelming is a very healthy way of coping with the stress of being a parent. Our experienced, non-judgemental, and empathic Family Support Counsellors will come to your home to help guide your family toward realistic and practical solutions in parenting your children. This may include connecting you with other services in the community and making referrals to other programs at FSNS. In Parenting in the Midst of Violence Program, family support counsellors will assist families where there is a potential risk of physical and verbal abuse. You will learn skills to keep your children safe and understand different ways of dealing with stress and anxiety in your life. This may include coaching and using practical solutions to help you communicate more effectively with your partner and your children. In addition, your counselor will support you to focus on healthier and respectful relationships in the family.