Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse Counselling Services

Our Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse Counselling Services (CASA) are available to children and adolescents age 2-19 who have been impacted by sexual abuse and/or assault. Our experienced counsellors use sand play therapy when working with younger children to help them understand that the abuse is not their fault, to reduce post traumatic symptoms, and to regain a sense of safety and agency over their bodies and their lives. Our counsellors may also use art and sand tray with older children and adolescents, but will also talk more directly with them about the abuse and/or assault they experienced. The services include time-limited individual, couple and family counselling services for parents and siblings who are coping with their own issues as a result of the abuse. The length of service is based on the specific needs and issues presented.


There is no cost  for this service because our Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse Services are fully subsidized by the Ministry of Child and Family Development and our donors.


Masters level counsellors.

To Register/ More Information:

Call FSNS intake counsellor at 604-988-5281 ext: 226